Wednesday, August 31, 2011

River Rat Alley Cat 3 Update and Answers

The River Rat Alley Cat 3, will be taking place this Saturday September 3. We have a lot of great prizes, and a great map planned out this year. There were a few questions asked on the Facebook event wall...

Rain or Shine

This is not a team style race. You can opt to ride with someone, or latch onto a local, but you are still required to pass through all the checkpoints and show proof that you were there.

All bikes are welcome. There is no age restriction being enforced. But please note. This is a bicycle race. There will be people there to race. Some of the routes and roads to each checkpoint will involve very busy streets with and without bike lanes. Please note this.

I have been asked the overall distance of the race. All I will say it is somewhere between 20-30 miles??? I can not and will not state how many miles and how many checkpoints there will be.

Brief prize rundown:

1st - F/SS, SE Draft Lite 54cm, Red, Set of Knog Lights, Electric Sunglasses
1st - F/SS Girl Weinmann DP18 wheelset, All City Track Cog, Electric Sunglasses

2nd - Turbo Saddle,Vans Backpack filled with goodies
2nd Girl - Van Authentic Sneakers, Soma Saddle, Knog Light Set

We will be doing categories for 1st Road as well. I will update this post as we finalize all the prizes. We have a ton of throw outs. So everyone should walk with something.

McGuire's Hill 16 will be were registration is taking place. Follow the link for a detailed map of their location. There is a dirt parking lot directly across the street. If the main parking lot is filled please park there. Please be sure to hide or take your valuables and lock your doors.

If there are any questions. Please feel free to email me.