Tuesday, June 21, 2011

River Rat Alley Cat 3!

Saturday September 3, 2011. MaGuire's Hill 16, 2pm. $5.


OK, so here is a little more info on the Race.

This years race will be a checkpoint to checkpoint style race throughout the city of Fort Lauderdale. There will be no need for a bag or a pen. Like the last two years. All bikes are welcome. Helmets are not mandatory, but strongly recommended. Water is a vital part of your life, so I would bring a water bottle, or Camel back, or a snake skin container. Unlike some other city's that have races. I will NOT be handing out any clues at the Critical Mass before the race. As the flier says "It's a bicycle race dummy" key word, "RACE" Bring your legs. This will be the longest River Rat yet. There's your clue.

Jeremy and I look forward in seeing all of you. The Velodrome will be open the day after the race. So there's two reasons to get down here! Weekend filled with radness!

I will also be needing volunteers. If interested please email me your name and contact info.


vn7071@hotmail.com said...

is this ride for racers only? or can passive cyclists join in as well