Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Q and A with Mike Zeegerman

1. Name, age, occupation?
Michael "zeegerman" Scholz, 25 years old, full time student.

2. Were do you live?
Miramar, FL.

3. What are you riding these days?
As a track bike I have an old Eddy Merckx Pista with a variety of parts ranging from Phil Wood to Campagnolo to Dura Ace, my road bike is a Marin with full Dura Ace and other bits and pieces.

4. What do you like better. Riding 1 mile from Holiday Park to the Poorhouse? OR. Riding the velodrome for 6 hours straight?
This is a tough one, kind of a toss up to be honest. Velodromes are a really fun and safe place to be competitive, but the poorhouse involves lots of beer and always a good time. I personally love both. I'd say it would depend on the company.

5. Were is your favorite place to ride? Why?
I think I like riding along the beach the most, even though I don't do it often enough. There is something about racing up along the beach with your buddies trying to outrun each other.

6. Tell us what you would like see change in the South Florida cycling scene?
Bike awareness needs to be improved. I know there are bike lanes but people still love to cut us cyclists off when they make turns. I don't know what it is. Maybe its a south Florida thing where a lot of people themselves would not consider riding a bike as a mode of transportation and therefore assume that no one else would either. Whatever it may be, something needs to be done.

7. You and Davie Dave are almost always together. Who's faster?
Currently, I think I'm faster. It used to be the other way around and it will probably go back and forth between us depending on training and possible injuries.

8. What is your favorite part about the Velodrome?
I think it's the speed and lack of traffic.

9. Beer of choice?
Right now my favorite is Franziskaner Hefe Weizen, German wheat beer. But I tend to venture and love to drink all kinds of beers, mainly imports though.

10. Is there anything that you would like to see happen at the Velodrome. Like maybe more riders showing face on the weekends?
I wish there were more people out there racing so that we could separate between the CAT 1's and CAT 5's. It's awesome to ride with the fast guys and you definitely learn a lot but sometimes it would feel nice I think to win a race or two.

11. You won some bling at the River Rat Alley Cat. Tell us what the best part of the race was. And what else did you win?
Haha, yes I managed to collect the most packages. I got this cool miniature Trispoke necklace, a couple t-shirts, knogs, and a bunch of stickers. The best part of the race to me was the fact that it was local and the overall length of it. Shame that we had to cancel two of the fifteen check points, but it was still an insanely fun race including my inability to read a map and get really lost.